Compact VA Instrument

797 VA Computrace for trace analysis

The 797 VA Computrace is a modern voltammetric measuring stand that is connected to a PC via a USB port. The PC software provided controls the measurement, records the measuring data and evaluates it. Operation is most straightforward due to the well-laid-out structure of the program. The integrated potentiostat with galvanostat guarantees the highest sensitivity with reduced noise.

Voltammetry system for trace analysis and education. Complete accessories with all electrodes for a complete measurement system: Multi-Mode electrode (MME), Ag/AgCl reference electrode and platinum auxiliary electrode.


The 10 most important benefits

  • Voltammetric trace analysis and additive determination in galvanics with one instrument
  • Maximum sensitivity thanks to the combination of the unique Multi-Mode electrode with the installed potentiostat
  • Automation with the 863 Compact VA Autosampler or the 838 Advanced VA Sample Processor
  • Archiving of the data in the Autodatabase database program with report generator
  • More than 220 important analysis methods are included in the scope of delivery
  • Output of the result in an unlimited number of formats
  • Unique EXPLORATORY mode, specially designed for education at schools and universities. Together with the
  • Metrohm monographs “Introduction to Polarography and Voltammetry” and “Practical Voltammetry”, the ideal combination
  • Built-in quality assurance with GLP mode, access rights for each user and automatic electrode test
  • Simple operation using the clearly organized user interface oriented to the Windows operating concept
  • Connection to the USB port of the PC