MVA Systems for VA

797 VA Computrace fully automated for trace analysis

PC-controlled fully automated voltammetry system for trace analysis

MVA-03 is the fully automated 797 VA Computrace system for voltammetric trace analysis. Up to 18 samples can be determined automatically.

The software of the 797 VA Computrace controls the complete analysis sequence. The samples are placed on the sample rack of the 863 Compact VA Autosampler, and the rest takes place automatically: the transfer of the samples into the measuring vessel, the voltammetric analysis with the automatic addition of all of the auxiliary solutions by using two 800 Dosinos and the automatic rinsing with the 843 Pump Station.

In order to increase the number of auxiliary solutions, one additional 800 Dosino can be connected directly, as can four additional ones by using an 846 Dosing Interface. A maximum of seven 800 Dosinos can thus be used.