893 Professional Biodiesel Rancimat

Analysis system for simple and safe determination of the oxidation stability of biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters, FAME) and biodiesel blends in accordance with the standards EN 14112 and EN 15751. All accessories necessary for carrying out determinations are included in the scope of delivery. The StabNet software is required for instrument control, data recording and evaluation and for data storage.

  • All instrument functions are PC-controlled
  • Independent start of each measuring position directly on the instrument
  • Status overview of all measuring positions on the instrument’s display
  • Highest reliability and simple operation thanks to unique accessories
  • Favorably-priced disposable glass parts
  • Robust conductivity cell with electrical connections integrated in the cover
  • 2 heating blocks with 8 measuring positions per instrument. Up to 4 instruments can be connected to a PC
  • Expanded gas flow range: 1 – 25 L/h
  • USB connector
  • Compact dimensions and low weight