viva — Software for CVS

viva is the most modern and user-friendly software for carrying out CVS determinations and archiving the measurement data. Thanks to simple operation and maximum flexibility viva makes individual and problem-oriented CVS method programming possible for the first time.

The most important advantages at a glance

  • Individual problem-oriented method programming
  • Database with flexible filtering and sorting
  • High transparency of results due to
    • storage of all determination, method and instrument parameters
    • storage of the history for reevaluation or recalculation of measurement data
  • High level of data security due to manipulation-proof database and automatic backup functions
  • Network-compatible due to client-server functionality
  • User administration with freely configurable access rights

Intuitive user interface
The symbols in the viva toolbar provide access to the different parts of the program: «Workplace», «Configuration», «Method» and «Database»