Professional CVS Automation

858 Professional CVS Sample Processor

The 858 Professional CVS Sample Processor, in conjunction with Professional CVS instruments and viva, permits the fully automated determination of organic additives in electroplating baths by using “Cyclic Voltammetric Stripping” (CVS). Large sample series of brighteners and suppressors can also be analyzed one after the other without supervision. The system is controlled directly by the viva software and permits automatic changes of method between different types of determinations. The sample rack supplied holds a maximum of 56 samples.

The sample solution is transferred from the sample vessel on the rack of the 858 Professional CVS Sample Processor into the measuring vessel on the 894 Professional CVS, either by using the installed peristaltic pump or with an 800 Dosino. Additional auxiliary solutions that are required for CVS determination are added automatically with additional 800 Dosinos. The connected 843 Pump Station empties and rinses the vessel after each determination.

The 858 Professional CVS Sample Processor is supplied with built-in robotic arm, together with accessories, sample rack and connection cable for setting up a complete workplace, although it does not come with rinsing equipment.


  • 56 sample vessels of 11 mL each (sample volume: 5 – 11 mL)
  • 56 sample vessels of 50 mL each (sample volume: 25 – 50 mL)


  • Pump type: 2-channel peristaltic pump
  • Pump tubing material: PVC (Tygon®)
  • Speed: ±6/min – ±90/min
  • Pressure: max. 0.4 MPa (4 bar)


  • USB interface
  • 3 MSB connectors for Dosinos