Solvent Recovery Extractor for Fats and Oils “Det-gras N”


Equipment for the extraction of fats and soluble substances that will dissolve
in solvents.  Based on the Soxhlet methods by Randall, the DETGRAS-N extracts fats (and or other substances) from the sample by dissolving them in a solvent. If compared to the classic standard soxhlet method, a time saving of between 30-70% can be obtained
due to a two stage extraction process and high speed in obtaining high temperatures.

Practically all methods of classic soxhlet extraction can be substituted by the DET-GRAS N. Typical fat determinations are: in meat products, animal fodder, pre-prepared foods, fish etc.  Also suitable for the extraction of soluble components in paper paste, textile fibres etc.

Heating by protected electric heater, distributed throughout the radiator surface that provides homogeneous heating throughout the samples.
Electrical safety according to IP65.
Robust temperature control by a durable thermocouple.
Safety over temperature device.
Outer case made of solvents resistant epoxy coated steel.
Extractions can be completed using glass or cellulose thimbles.
Compatible with most common solvents: Petroleum ether. Diethyl ether, hexane, acetone acetonitrile etc.
Supplied complete with 2 sets of seals, adapters for different solvent types.
Typical extraction time (food fats) 50 minutes.
Compatible with the hydrolysis unit HI-1427 part No 4001427 (see page 254).

Cellulose extraction thimbles Ø ext 26 x 60 mm.
Reusable glass thimbles Ø ext 34 x 80 mm.
Working temperature of 90 to 240 °C.
Solvent recovery 60 to 80 %.
Solvent volume (by sample): up to 50 ml.
Program memories: 16.
Extraction time <<boiling>>: from 0 to 99 minutes.
Extraction time <<rinsing>>: from 0 to 99 minutes.
Time to recuperate solvents: from 0 to 99 minutes.