Extractor for the Determination of Cellulose and Fibre “Dosi-fiber”

Total Fibre (WEENDE,VAN SOEST or similar).Dietary fibre. Neutral detergent fibre.
Acid detergent fibre. Other extraction processes which do not use acetic acid, acetic trichloric acid or nitric acid. Textile fibre. Wood and paper fibre.

Integral extraction and filtration.
No sample transfer reduces the risk of sample loss, since the tubes,crucibles and filtre are transferred with the samples in place.
Excellent results due to reproducible operating conditions.
Easy sample handling due to the special crucible support stand.
Versatile and precise test procedure that allows the samples to be weighed at various stages in the extraction process.

Rugged external case with a “RILSAN” protective coating. All equipment components; condenser, valves, heater, compressed air valves and controls are all protected within the main case.  Infrared heating elements.

Mains illuminated ON/ OFF switch.
Switch for compressed air pump.
Heating element with electronic control.

Sample size: 0.5 to 3 g (Normally 1 g).
Reproducibility: approximately ±1 % for fibre
level between 5-30 %.
Measuring range: 0.1 to 100 %.
Cooling water consumption: 1 litre/minute.

Comes complete with: crucible with a porosity P-2, Crucible support rack, heater lid and holder manipulator.