MiniMet 1000

The MiniMet® 1000 Grinder/Polisher is designed for low volume laboratories preparing single specimens. This semi-automatic grinder-polisher prepares a wide variety of materials using the three self contained preparation bowls and easy-to-use touch panel controls. Its space saving design employs a proprietary geometric action that combines the advantages of hand as well as mechanical polishing. This motion pro- vides a random polishing action, eliminat- ing any induced polishing artifacts.

Easy to Use

The MiniMet® 1000 comes with suggested programs for a wide variety of materials. The easy-to-use controls allow for selec- tion of speed, pressure, time and soft stop capability. Just select the most appropriate method, key in the parameters and start the system. The MiniMet® 1000 completely controls the preparation process and as- sures complete repeatability. The economi- cally sized polishing bowls, 27/8” (75mm), easily interchange to eliminate cross-con- tamination problems between preparation steps. No operator expertise is required for obtaining quality results from day one to the next.

Quality Preparation

The fully adjustable speed and high pres- sure capability (2-10 lbs./10-50 N) reduces preparation time and allows the MiniMet® 1000 to easily prepare advanced ceramics, composites, and even hardened steel sec- tions. The soft stop feature automatically reduces the sample pressure during the final polishing sequence, no hand polish- ing is necessary. This technique is ideal for preparation of softer materials.


To increase its versatility, many accesso- ries are available for the MiniMet® 1000. Attachments for the precision thinning of materials, wafer polishing, and thin section preparation are available. The system can also utilize the latest BUEHLER SumMet® methods.

The MiniMet® 1000 offers the latest in ease-of-use, versatility, and economy for the semi-automatic preparation of all materials.

  • Perfect for low volume applications
  • Simple operation
  • Semi-automatic preparation for single mounts

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