MetaServ 250

The MetaServ® 250 single and twin grinder-polishers offer a combination of performance, economy and reliability for most microstructural analysis applications. Designed for manual or semi-automatic grinding and polishing, the base can be combined with one of two power heads. The molded protective housing provides long lasting corrosion and impact resistance. Each bowl includes a removable splash guard reduces overspray and allows easy access to the platen. A built-in drain and bowl wash flush out particles and minimize build-up of grinding-polishing debris. The adjustable water flow nozzle can be positioned anywhere over the platen, providing cooling precisely where needed.

All base models include an easy-to-use control panel with quick access to power on/off, platen run/pause, digital up/down timer and reset, water on/off/run-active control, variable platen speed control from 50 – 500 rpm, of 50 -1200 rpm for the high speed model, and an emergency stop. In addition to the emergency stop button, other safety features include built-in circuit protection and low voltage controls.

Transform the MetaServ® 250 Single or Twin Grinder-Polishers to a semi-automatic operation with the addition of a Vector® LC 250 Power Head. An easy to operate, economical power head with basic single sample operation, improves specimen consistency for low volume applications. Pressure can be set individually for each of the 1-4 sample via mechanical loading. An analog pressure display and power switch are easily accessed on the front of the power head.

  • Single or Twin Platens, 8in [203mm] or 10in [254mm]
  • Manual use or upgrade with Vector® LC250 (High Speed model cannot be upgraded)
  • Vector® LC 250 Power Head applies forces of 0-11lbs [0-50N] per specimen (single force only)
  • Vector Power Head applies forces of 6-60lbs [20-300N] per holder, accommodating 3-6 specimens at a time in central force
  • Vector Power Head applies 0-15lbs [0-75N] per specimen accomodating 1-4 specimens at a time in single force
  • Compatible with Burst Dispensing System and Stadium Seating in manual and semi-automatic modes

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