IsoMet 4000 & 5000 Precision Saws

The IsoMet® 4000 Precision Saw was designed for cutting various material types with miminal deformation. 1 micron sample postitioning allows for precise sectioning of specimens. User selectable feed rate allows for ultimate versatility.

  • Simple to operate, automatic precision saw
  • SmartCut™ adjusts feed rate to elimate damage to system or sample
  • Rotating vise for larger samples
  • Compatible with external recirculating system
  • 1.25HP motor

(includes 7in [178mm] IsoCut® Blade for sectioning ferrous alloys and superalloys, 7″ abrasive wheels, T-slot table, automatic dressing system, dressing stick, Cool 2 Fluid, 2 sets of flanges and the following chucks: irregular specimen, single saddle and 1.25in [32mm] round specimen)