IsoMet 1000 Precision Saw

The IsoMet® 1000 is a precision sectioning saw designed for cutting various types of materials with minimal deformation. Its low kerf loss capability and great versatility in holding all types of sample shapes and configurations, gives today’s laboratory a precision sectioning tool capable of cutting viturally any material including brittle or ductile metals, composites, cements, laminates, plastics, electronic devices and biomaterials. When equipped with the optional rotating chuck, sectioning times are dramatically reduced.

  • Simple to operate, gravity fed membrane panel controls
  • Rotating vise for larger samples
  • Optional table saw attachement
  • 0.17Hp motor

(includes 6in [152mm] IsoMet® Blade for sectioning electronic substrates, assorted weights, dressing stick, Cool 2 Fluid, flanges and the following chucks: single saddle, irregular specimen and wafer)