Acrylic Mounting Systems

Acrylic mounting systems offer a short cure time and are recommended for mounting specimens that are sensitive to high pressures and temperatures. Buehler’s offering includes acrylic liquid, powder and kits designed for different metallographic sample testing applications.

SamplKwick – acrylic mounting compound is designed for rapid and effective encapsulation of PCB coupons. By dipping coupon in Acrylic liquid prior to potting, Buehler’s SamplKwick is able to wet and enter into smaller holes and recesses well, with ease offering good penetration and the edge retention needed for great electronics preparation. To reduce the viscosity of mixed acrylic, powder to liquid volume mixing ratio of 1:1 or 1.5:1 is preferable.

VariKleer – is ideally designed to use with pressure vessel to generate crystal clear acrylic mount resulting harden and minimum shrinkage, to determine the PCB coupon sample grinding to desire level. For crystal clear mount, SamplKup should be used rather than EPDM or Disposable mount.

VariDur – is a fast acrylic system containing filler resulted in harden mount particluarly for metals sample in short curing cycle with compare to epoxies and when edge retension is not critical.

Increased Mounting Throughput

  • With cure times as low as 5 minutes, our line of acrylics is designed to increase throughput in your mounting process while providing consistent results.

Quick, Easy Mixing

  • After a quick measure, only a short mixing time is required to fully combine the two components and begin creating your mounts.
Acrylic Mounting Systems Specifications
Product Cure Time @ room temp. Peak Exotherm Shrinkage Viscosity Pot Life Shore D Hardness
SampleKwick 5-8 min ~179°F [79°C] Medium Medium/High <5min ~85
VariKleer 5-15 min ~212°F [100°C] Medium Medium <5min ~84
VariDur 10 8 min ~212°F [100°C] Medium Medium/High <5min ~80
VariDur 200 5-8 min ~212°F [100°C] Low Medium/High <5min ~85
VariDur 3003 15-30 min ~252°F [122°C] Very Low Medium <5min ~90

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