Volumetric KF Titrator

The Karl Fischer Titrando for the modern titration laboratory

In addition to the Karl Fischer mode (KFT), the high-end titrator is also equipped with the SET mode and can thus perform titrations to a predefined endpoint.

“iTrode ready”: As a result of the high-resolution, galvanic measuring interface – now also for the first time with additional digital measuring input for the intelligent “iTrodes” electrodes – it is additionally possible to perform pH measurements with a maximum of precision.

Thanks to the four MSB connectors, up to four Dosinos can be connected to the 901 Titrando. These can be used not only for titration, but also for the automated addition of sample, standard and auxiliary solutions such as solubility promoters. Furthermore, you have all of the Liquid Handling commands at your disposal, which means that the aspiration of exhausted reagent and the addition of fresh solvent can also be automated.

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