VoltIC Vario pro I

VoltIC Vario pro I – The flexible solution for combined trace analysis

  • Samples need to be prepared only once for comprehensive analysis by both techniques
  • The results are recorded in a common database and presented clearly in a common table
  • User time and money savings

Advantages of VoltIC Vario pro I

  • Simultaneous determination of anions, cations and transition metals in the trace range
  • One common database for all results
  • Fully automatic analysis of up to 56 samples
  • Efficient and cost-efficient
  • Flexible operation of ion chromatograph and voltammetry stand independent of one another
  • Flexible operation of the Autosampler
  • Control Panel and data management with MagIC Net™ software
  • Complete traceability of the results
  • Convenient Liquid Handling with the patented Dosino technology

The system

  • 797 Computrace with the 843 VA Peristaltic Pump Station
  • 940 Professional IC Vario TWO/SeS/PP with the 858 Professional Sample Processor
  • Quality “Made in Switzerland”

VoltIC Vario – New possibilities in ion analysis through the unique combination of voltammetry and ion chromatography.