ViewMet Inverted Microscope

The Buehler ViewMet™ inverted laboratory metallograph (inverted microscope) provides an exceptional solution for routine materials laboratory needs. This affordable instrument incorporates a camera ready trinocular head with included c-mount adapter and rack and pinion X-Y stage, poised to document mounted, unmounted and irregularly shaped samples.

The ergonomic, solid cast base allows viewing of images at even high magnification without fear of vibration interference. The focusing mechanism boasts both a tension control and coarse position lock. All microscope functions are easily controlled without looking away from the eyepieces.

The Plan Achromat, brightfield objectives and 6V/30W Köhler type halogen illuminator combine to deliver bright, well-resolved images to either the 10x wide field eyepieces or the c-mount camera of your choice.

  • Affordable Inverted Stage Microscope for Laboratory Use
  • 6V/30W Köhler-type Illumination System
  • Bright, Crisp, Flat Field Images
  • Five Position Nosepiece Turret
  • CCTV Ready Trinocular Head Performance & Value At Your Command