Sample Hydrolysis HI-1427

Fat sample preparation equipment for extraction and the determination of fat content.
Hydrolysis, filtration and washing of samples without manipulating or transferring. The hydrolysis of samples is required prior to determining the precise fat content of meat and dairy products.
Efficient method that speeds up the extraction process.

Boil the sample with water and HCl 5N (“A”), filter and retain the fat in the extraction thimble and washing the remains of the fat and the acid (“B”).
A classic hydrolysis using conventional techniques can produce errors due to transferring and the manipulation of the sample that results in sample loss. During the HCL process some of the acid evaporates, it is therefore necessary to extract the acid vapour.

Metallic construction, exterior coated with a Rislan polyamide. Capacity for 6 glass tubes. Enclosed, quartz tube, heater system. Manual process and procedure from hydrolysis to filtration and wash without having to manipulate the sample.

Illuminated ON/ OFF mains switch
Heater control from 0 to 100 %.