ProfIC Vario System

ProfIC Vario Systems are predefined combinations of Professional IC Vario instruments, Sample Processors and peripheral instruments covering different applications. Software, columns and racks are selected according to the respective application.

ProfIC Vario 8 Cation

The “ProfIC Vario 8 Cation” is comprised of one 940 Professional IC Vario ONE, one “iDetector” intelligent conductivity detector and one 858 Professional Sample Processor.

The 940 Professional IC Vario ONE is equipped with the “ONE” module. It contains automatic sample and eluent degassing, “iPump” IC high-pressure pump with intelligent pump head, pulsation absorber, six-way injection valve with Maltese cross drive, column thermostat for cooling and heating two iColumns and an external column position in the room temperature range.

The injector and the peristaltic pump on the 858 Professional Sample Processor and the additional accessory parts enable inline matrix elimination. Numerous sample racks are available for volumes in the range of 0.5 – 500 mL for the 858 Professional Sample Processor. As a rule, only small volumes with a maximum of 1 mL sample are required for matrix elimination.

The following components must be ordered separately in accordance with the desired application:

  • Separation column
  • Preconcentration column
  • Sample rack
  • MagIC Net