ProfIC Systems

«ProfIC 15 – Cation» – Professional IC system for Partial Loop Injection

Excellent system components guarantee high sensitivity and reproducible results. Particular attention has been given to long service intervals; these can be monitored by the MagIC Net™ software.

«ProfIC 15» features intelligent system components such as the iPump, the iDetector and the Dosino, and provides space for a total of three iColumns.

The 800 Dosino dosing system takes care of the sample transfer. With its high precision liquid handling, partial loop injections are performed easily and with high reproducibility. This ensures very accurate results, for example with calibration using just one standard.

For the 858 Professional Sample Processor numerous sample racks are available for volumes in the range 0.5 – 500 mL.

Due to its flexibility, the «ProfIC 15» is the perfect system configuration for routine operation as well as research and development.


1 x 2.800.0010 800 Dosino
1 x 2.850.1010 850 Professional IC
1 x 2.850.9010 850 Conductivity Detector
1 x 2.858.0010 858 Professional Sample Processor
1 x 6.1825.290 PEEK sample loop 250 µL
1 x 6.1831.180 PEEK capillary 0.5 mm i.D., 3 m
1 x 6.1841.000 PEEK transfer capillary 2 mL
1 x 6.2841.100 Rinsing Station for IC Sample Processor
1 x 6.3032.120 Dosing unit 2 mL
1 x 6.5330.040 IC Equipment for Liquid Handling

IC column, sample rack, sample vials as well as MagIC Net™ have to be ordered separately, depending on the particular application.