Pilot Plants

Similar to the lab plants, our pilot plants are also built from a modular framework which allows a very flexible adaptation to specific distillation tasks. Core components are again shortpath and thinfilm distillation units.

Contrary to the lab plants our pilot plants are entirely fabricated from stainless steel. Due to the much higher thermal conductivity of metal as compared to glass, the heat transfer to the product feed at the evaporator surface is much more effective. This allows higher feed rates and a better evaporation performance.

Feed rates of pilot plants are typically five to ten times higher compared to lab plants with the same evaporator surface. As bigger plants for industrial production are also built from stainless steel, distillation dynamics is virtually the same in pilot plants and in industrial production plants. Taking into consideration empirical values from previous projects, a very reliable scale-up from pilot plants to industry plants is possible. For any given feed material UIC considers distillation trials on a pilot plant as an indispensable prerequisite in order to reliably configure an industrial production plant with preset capacities and performance characteristics.

In addition to the distillation unit (evaporator and condenser), pilot plants also comprise all relevant secondary components including vacuum system, heating- and cooling devices, feed- and discharge system and electrical components for manual or automated control. Pilot plants are typically mounted in a mobile rack.

Pilot plants from UIC are easy to assemble and disassemble and they are straightforward and robust to operate. Their field of application is in research and development labs, in technical centers and for small scale productions.

Pilot plants benefit from the modular framework that we apply:

  • mature and proven components
  • flexible configuration according to customer requirements
  • short delivery times
  • attractive cost / benefit ratio
  • easy availability of spare parts