Nikon MA200 Eclipse Microscope

The Nikon MA200 Eclipse is a compact and durable inverted metallurgical microscope for high magnification needs. This research grade inverted microscope is ideal for flat, mounted samples and is available in BF, DF, DIC, & POL with halogen illumination.

Nikon MA200 Eclipse Inverted Microscope – Buehler – Metallography Equipment & Supplies for Sample Preparation 

  • Compact, research-grade, inverted microscope ideal for mounted, flat samples.
  • Available in BF, DF, DIC, & POL with Halogen illumination (50W).
  • Ergonomic design with all controls easily accessible from the front.
  • DIC configuration includes intelligent nose-piece which displays objective position on front.
  • Slider slots available for Grain Size and Dial Size reticle which show up on camera as well as through the eyepiece.