MVA Systems for CVS

894 Professional CVS fully and flexibly automated for large sample series

The right system for every need

The MVA Systems (Metrohm VA Systems) are sets of instruments customized to meet particular demands. Choose the set that meets your requirements, connect it to a PC and you are ready to go.

The systems provide different degrees of automation, depending on the number of samples to be analysed. Starting from a simple-to-use basic set all the way up to a high-end system for the unattended analysis of your samples, in our product line you will find the perfect system for your particular needs. The most important accessories are included in the standard equipment for the system.

Fully automated analysis system for the determination of organic additives with CVS in routine laboratory work

MVA-21 is the version in our top system for fully automated additive determination in electroplating baths with CVS (Cyclic Voltammetric Stripping) for large sample series. Up to 56 samples can be investigated with respect to suppressor content with the 858 Professional Sample Processor. Up to 28 samples can also be analyzed automatically during brightener determination. The possibility of recalibrating methods during a sample series guarantees the highest of accuracy. And different methods can be combined in a single measurement sequence.

The system is based on the 894 Professional CVS with four 800 Dosinos for the automatic addition of auxiliary solutions. VMS and the electroplating bath sample are added by using 800 Dosinos in cases of suppressor determination. For the determination of brighteners, the intercept solution and brightener standard solution are added by 800 Dosino dosing systems; the peristaltic pump of the 858 Professional Sample Processor is used for transferring the sample automatically from the sample vessel on the sample rack into the measuring vessel on the 894 Professional CVS. The attached 843 Pump Station empties and rinses the measuring vessel automatically after each sample.


The Professional CVS system is controlled with viva. The new software for CVS offers previously unachieved flexibility with respect to method adjustment and automation and thus sets new standards in the determination of organic additives with CVS. viva is available in a single-user version or as a network option for one client-server installation.