Liquid Handling System

846 Dosing Interface

The 846 Dosing Interface can be seamlessly incorporated as a system component and control instrument into a Metrohm Titrando system. The interface is operated with a Touch Control or from a PC with tiamo ™.

Comprehensive Liquid Handling

Basic operations of everyday laboratory work such as pipetting, transferring, dosing, dispensing and diluting become child’s play thanks to the innovative Liquid Handling functionality of the Dosing Interface in connection with the 800 Dosino. The system guarantees maximum accuracy and precision in the range of 10 µL to 100 mL, i.e. across no fewer than four orders of magnitude.

The control device has four MSB connectors (MSB = Metrohm Serial Bus) at which auxiliary and peripheral devices can be operated. Numbered among these are one dosing drive each (800 Dosino or 805 Dosimat), one stirrer or titration stand, one Remote Box, etc. Two USB connectors continue to be available through which such instruments as printer, scales, keyboard, barcode reader, a USB Sample Processor or other control devices can be connected.