Laboratory Flocculator “Flocumatic”

Optimization of coagulant additives and poly-electrolytes for surface and residualwater treatment.
Evaluation of the efficiency of an absorbent in toxic agents.
Polyvalent. Without transmissions by belt. Due to its powerful torque itallows stirring and mixing high viscosity substances.
Stirring equipment for 4 or 6 places that accommodates beakers up to 1000 ml tall shape or 2000 ml short shape.
Stirring speed from 15 to 200 r.p.m.
Silent running.
Adjustable timer from 1 to 999 minutes or continuous operation.
Easily adjusted height over head stir, bars made of AISI 304 stainless steel are easily fixed in position.
Two vertical and horizontal adjustable illumination units can be placed in the unit.
This adjustable accessory allows the light angle to be varied according to the samples being run. An original Selecta design. See accessories part numbers 3000834 and 3000915, 4 and 6 place models that obtain simultaneous front and back lighting.
The main case of the unit is made of epoxy coated steel, with AISI 304 stainless steel supports with anti slip rubber feet.