The iTrodes of the new intelligent electrode generation allow the storage of such important sensor data as

  • article and serial numbers,
  • calibration data,
  • calibration history,
  • working life and
  • calibration validity period.

All sensor data is read in automatically when the iTrode is connected to the Titrando.

Mix-ups or editing errors are therefore eliminated. The electrode is identified automatically. If the type of electrode is not the same as that defined in the method the user is informed. This means that it is not possible to use the wrong electrode.

Monitoring functions allow the exclusion of electrodes whose calibration data lies outside the limits or whose calibration period has expired. The calibration data stored in the chip makes the electrode transferable; it does not need to be recalibrated each time that it is used with a different instrument.

For connection to your intelligent Titrator/Meter please use 854 iConnect.