Compact CVS Automation

838 Advanced VA Sample Processor

Together with the 797 VA Computrace, the 838 Advanced VA Sample Processor permits the completely automatic determination of organic additives in electroplating baths with the aid of “Cyclic Voltammetric Stripping” (CVS). Series of brighteners or of suppressors can be analyzed one after the other without supervision. The sample rack supplied holds up to 56 samples.

The sample solution is transferred from the sample vessel on the rack of the 838 Advanced VA Sample Processor into the measuring vessel on the 797 VA Computrace, with the aid of the installed peristaltic pump for brightener determination or with an 800 Dosino for the suppressor determination with the Dilution-Titration Technique (DT). Additional auxiliary solutions that are required for CVS analysis are added automatically with additional 800 Dosinos. The connected 843 Pump Station empties and rinses the vessel after each determination.

The 838 Advanced VA Sample Processor is equipped with a flexible method editor for the purpose of adjusting the analysis sequence to the needs of the user. The separate keyboard enables access to the method editor and all other instrument settings. The 838 Advanced VA Sample Processor is remote-controlled by the 797 VA Computrace during the determination of a sample series.

The instrument is supplied together with accessories, sample rack, keyboard and accessories for setting up a complete workplace, although it does not come with rinsing equipment.


  • 56 sample vessels of 11 mL each (sample volume: 5 – 11 mL)
  • 56 sample vessels of 50 mL each (sample volume: 25 – 50 mL)


  • Pump type: 2-channel peristaltic pump
  • Pump tubing material: PVC (Tygon®)
  • Speed: ±6.7 rpm – ±100 rpm
  • Pressure: max. 0.4 MPa (4 bar)


  • RS-232 interface
  • Remote interface for the control of the 838 Advanced VA Sample Processor with external devices
  • 3 MSB connectors for Dosinos