Combustion IC

The system is superior to offline digestion methods, not only with respect to sample throughput, but also in terms of precision and trueness of the results. CIC is exceptionally suitable for routine analysis in a wide range of areas, because neither specific advance knowledge of the sample matrix nor an elaborate method development is required. In contrast to alternative methods, the concentration of the individual halogens can be specified in a differentiated manner with the CIC.

CIC is exceptionally suitable for the quality control of raw materials, intermediate and end products. On the other hand, the method recommends itself in the area of environmental protection for simple and exact checks as to whether the respective laws, standards and requirements are being complied with (e.g., DIN EN 228, IEC 60502-1, RoHS, WEEE, etc.).

The variety of the matrices investigated with the CIC is large. Halogens and sulfur can be determined in a single analysis step, e.g., in fossil and secondary fuels, lubricants, additives and other petroleum products, as well as in polymers, flame retardants, textiles, special chemicals, catalysts and in many types of refuse. The CIC covers a wide concentration range.

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