Automated Lab Unit KDL 5 CADi

If you are dealing with repetitive distillation tasks, the KDL 5 CADi (Computer Aided Distillation) can significantly facilitate and reduce this routine work. Predefined process steps and corresponding parameters are entered in the attached workstation and automatically executed by the KDL 5 CADi. Fractions of the distillate and the residue streams are collected for predefined timeintervals in a sampling carousel.

The KDL 5 CADi uses a fully heatable KDL 5 as a basis which is additionaly equipped with a PLC unit. It is monitored and controlled from an attached workstation with a visualization interface.

Typical fields of application for the KDL 5 CADi include, e.g., systematic characterization of mineral oils and mineral oil residues as well routine distillation tasks in chemistry.