AbrasiMatic 300 Abrasive Cutter

The AbrasiMatic 300 is a benchtop dual abrasive cutting machine featuring manual cutting action in 3 directions or automated cutting in 1 direction. This abrasive cutter enables variety in sample preparation to best fit each sample process with both manual and automatic abrasive cutting capabilities. It is engineered with innovative capabilities to be used in both production support and laboratory environments.

This manual and automatic abrasive cutting machine that can handle the abrasive environment with a stainless steel T-Slot bed.

The AbrasiMatic 300 now includes an accompanying digital display to track X-axis travel improving precision, consistency and repeatability in serial sectioning applications.

AbrasiMatic™ 300 Automatic & Manual Abrasive Cutter – Buehler – Metallography Equipment & Supplies for Sample Preparation

Flexibility for changing lab needs

  • Best of both cutting methods with manual and automatic cutting
  • Control and “feel” of the cut with the manual cutting in the Y and Z direction
  • Allow for sectioning of parts with a 4.5in diameter. (varies based on part shape)

Highly reproducible results

  • Consistent and repeatable cuts with the automatic cutting in the Y direction

Simple setup for efficient cuts

  • Quick vising and cut alignment with x-axis motion (optional)
  • Simple user interface to program automatic cutting and set manual cutting
  • The automatic cutting creates more time for critical activities
  • Electrical break for user safety and quick part change

Durable machine design

  • A machine that can handle the abrasive environment with a stainless steel T-Slot bed
brasiMatic™ 300 Automatic & Manual Abrasive Cutter Specifications
Voltage/Frequency/Phase 230VAC, 60Hz; 460VAC, 60Hz; 220VAC, 50Hz; 380VAC, 50Hz / 3 phase
Power Consumption 4.0kW
Maximum Current 15.7amps @ 220/230VAC; 7.9amps @ 460VAC; 9.1amps @ 380VAC
Motor Power 5Hp [3.7kW]
Lighting Two LED Goosenecks
Recirculation Tank Capacity 22gal [83ℓ]
Hose Fitting Sizes Intake: 1in [25mm]; Discharge: 2in [50mm]
Sound Rating 78dBA – no load
Fume Extractor Size 3in [75mm] cut-out diameter
Control Panel 7in [175mm] diagonal; 320×240 pixels; 256 color screen, backlight NEMA4 [IP 65] water resistant
T-slot table dimensions 14.375 W x 10in D [365 x 254mm]; 12mm wide t-slots
Travel movement Z-Axis: 5.75in [150mm]; Y-Axis: 10.25in [260mm]; X-Axis: 2.75in [70mm]
Auto Y-Axis Feed Rate 0.7-5in/min [0.3-2mm/sec]
Window Size 14 W x 12in H [355 x 300mm]
Abrasive Wheel Diameter & Arbor maximum 12in [305mm] & 1.25in [32mm]
Wheel Speed 2600rpm @ 50/60Hz; 8200 surface ft/min [2700 surface m/min]
Maximum Cut Diameter 4.375in [110mm]
Cutting Wheel Torque 121 in/lb [14Nm]
Cutting Chamber 36 W x 22 D x 8in H [914 x 558 x 203mm]
Compliance CE