930 Compact IC Flex Oven/SeS/PP/Deg

The 930 Compact IC Flex Oven/SeS/PP/Deg was developed for demanding routine analysis in the µg/L – mg/L – g/L ranges. Equipped with the same intelligent system components as the 940 Professional IC Vario, low detection limits are possible. The intelligent system components guarantee accurate and precise results and exclude the possibility of operator errors to a maximum extent. The 930 Compact IC Flex Oven/SeS/PP/Deg can be operated with full automation. Working in combination with Metrohm inline sample preparation techniques such as Inline Ultrafiltration, Inline Dilution or Inline Dialysis is also possible at any time.

The 930 Compact IC Flex Oven/SeS/PP/Deg is distinguished by its space-saving design and compact structure. It is comprised of the “iPump” IC high-pressure pump with intelligent pump head and pulsation absorber, a degasser for eluent and sample, a six-way injection valve, a bidirectional two-channel peristaltic pump and a column oven for heating up the “iColumn” separation column.

The instrument is equipped with the drive for the “MSM II, MSM-HC and MSM-LC” Metrohm Suppressor Module for chemical suppression and the “MCS” Metrohm CO 2 Suppressor for CO 2 suppression. The combination of the two suppressors represents a sequential suppression and permits very sensitive analyses, thanks to the extremely low background conductivity. The suppressor rotor is not pre-mounted. This gives the customer the option of ordering the suppressor rotor separately in accordance with the application.

The instrument can be used with or without sequential suppression.

The capillary connections are already pre-installed and prepared for STREAM. In the STREAM setup, the suppressed eluent is used for rinsing the regenerated suppressor unit after the detector.

The MagIC Net chromatography software controls the 930 Compact IC Flex Oven/SeS/PP/Deg and records all the data that arises.

The type of detection can be selected to suit. That is the reason why no detector is included in the scope of delivery.