909 UV Digester (230 V)

The most advanced instrument for UV treatment of aqueous samples containing organic matter. The 909 UV Digester allows the simultaneous, fully automatic, time and temperature controlled UV irradiation of up to 12 samples.

The organic components present in the sample are eliminated to the widest possible extent to enable the interference-free determination of inorganic metal ions even in trace concentrations.

For sample preparation in

  • voltammetry,
  • ion chromatography and
  • spectroscopy (AAS, ICP)

Digestion is indispensable for the reliable determination of traces and ultratraces of metals in natural samples, as organic sample components are generally disruptive to analysis. The 909 UV Digester was designed for the digestion of suspended particle-free water samples containing low to medium contents of organic material, e.g. natural surface waters. As a result of its low heavy metal content, contaminations can very easily lead to disruptions during determination. Liquid biological samples such as urine or some foodstuffs such as fruit juices and alcoholic beverages can however also be digested with a modified procedure. A great advantage of the UV digestion is that only small amounts of digestion chemicals need to be used and therefore the blank values can be kept low.

12 samples can be radiated simultaneously in the 909 UV Digester.


  • Digestion temperature: 80 – 100°C (± 3°C)
  • Lamp output (regulated): 300 – 600 W
  • Cooling: air cooling
  • Digestion time: 1 – 999 min

UV lamp

  • Medium pressure mercury vapor lamp
  • Service life: 500 – 1000 h

Temperature measurement

  • Sensor: Pt1000 temperature sensor
  • Accuracy: ±0.2°C (under reference conditions)
  • Measuring range: -20 – +150°C

Power connection

  • Voltage: 220 – 240 V
  • Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 630 W