856 Conductivity Module

The 856 Conductivity Module can be used as stand-alone instrument in combination with a 900 Touch Control or as a supplement to a Titrando system.

The 856 Conductivity Module can perform measurements with state-of-the-art conductivity measuring cells, i.e. with 5-ring measuring cells. They reach a very high linearity without platinization of the cell. This guarantees highest accuracy, and the cell constant, once determined, remains stable over a wide measuring range. In contrast to the 4-ring cells, the electrode can be immersed completely into the beaker. This means not only that beakers with different fill levels are no problem, but also that rapid mixing within the measuring cell can take place, even in stirred measuring solutions. Last but not least, the 5-ring conductivity measuring cell is very easy to clean, thanks to its removable cap.

With the help of the optional 6.2103.160 Adapter box, the classical Metrohm conductivity measuring cells can also continue to be operated with the instrument.

Thanks to the galvanically separated measuring input, pH value and conductivity can now be determined in the same beaker without interference.

The Conductivity Module has 2 USB interfaces for connecting USB printers, barcode readers or sample changers and 4 MSB interfaces for stirrers or 800 Dosinos.

Both in conjunction with the 900 Touch Control as stand-alone conductivity measuring instrument and also integrated in tiamo ™ full (starting with 2.0), it is in compliance with GLP and FDA requirements.