781 pH/Ion Meter

The 781 pH/Ion Meter offers a multitude of possibilities for pH and ion measurements that meet the highest standards. In addition to the general functions of pH, ion, voltage and temperature measurement, the 781 pH Meter is equipped with an automatic stirrer control, a multi-point calibration with up to nine buffers (pH mode), a methods memory and various monitoring functions for calibration and servicing. The automatic electrode test for pH glass electrodes in conformance with GLP permits objective assessment of the electrode and leaves nothing more to chance. Reliable and reproducible results are thus guaranteed. The large backlit multi-line display provides an overview and makes the individual settings easy. The bi-directional RS-232 interface enables data transfer to a printer or PC. A sample changer can be connected through the optional 6.2148.010 Remote Box.

Three different modes are available for ion measurement: direct measurement, standard or sample addition. In the case of fully automated standard addition with an optional Dosimat, only the concentration of the standard and the desired quantity of addition steps needs to be entered – the pH/ion meter takes care of the rest. Up to 19 standards can be used for the calibration for direct measurement.