Tentang Kami

Our company has been established since 1993 as a company engaged in the field of laboratory equipment as well as a distributor of some products. With existing so long, then it is a lot of companies who recognize our existence.

We always provide the best for our customer satisfaction.

Our company is a distributor of some products are as follows:

  1. Buehler – USA: Tools for sample preparation and microstructure analysis for metallography, petrography, biomedical, etc..
  2. Metrohm – Switzerland: The tools for chemical analysis such as pH Meter, Titrator, Karl Fisher, etc..
  3. JPSelecta – Spain: The tools for analysis of foods such as Kjeldhal System, Fiber Fat Extractor and Extractor. Also for the environment and other such ┬áBOD, COD, Jartest, Spectrophotometer, Centrifuge, oven, furnace, etc..

The equipment that we supply will be guaranteed for one year warranty and also guarantee the parts when damage occurs in the future. After sales service is our priority will be to provide technical personnel who are experienced in their field, so that in the event of damage or problems with the equipment we will immediately handle.

For new tool warranty for a year in addition we will also provide operator training and equipment maintenance how to be able to run well.

We always stock the consumable items for Buehler products like Suspension Alumina, Alumina Powder, Microcloth, Carbimet Paper, etc.. Similarly, for the Metrohm products we always provide stock of electrode and other spare parts.