Buehler - Sectioning

We provide the most commonly used sectioning devices in microstructural analysis laboratory.

Buehler - Mounting

Mounting your specimens is important for ease of handling and preservation of the sample edge.

Grinding Polishing
Buehler - Grinding & Polishing

To prepare a final polished specimen that is free of deformation and suitable for analysis.

Imaging Analysis
Buehler - Imaging & Analysis

Microscopes for material analysis, paired with image capture and analysis systems, including cameras and analysis software

Hardness Testing
Buehler - Hardness Testing

Wilson® hardness testers include a comprehensive range of hardness testers to fully automatic production systems.

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Metrohm pH Meter Metrohm Titration
Laboratory and portable pH measurement for research and quality control.
Titrators for all your analytical tasks. Metrohm potentiometric, thermometric, volumetric and coulometric titrators.

Tools for sample preparation and microstructure analysis for metallography, petrography, biomedical, etc..


The tools for chemical analysis such as pH Measurement, Titrator, Ion Chromatography, Karl Fisher, etc..

JP Selecta

Tools for analysis of foods such as Kjeldhal System, Fiber Fat Extractor and Extractor. Also for the environment and other such spectrophotometer, centrifuge, oven, furnace, etc..


Distillation equipment with Short Path Distillation method for laboratory scale, pilot plant and production