SimpliMet XPS1

Automatic Compression Mounting System that delivers speed and intelligence to the compression mounting process.

  • Fast process times with optimized heating and cooling steps completing 1.25in or 30mm specimens in about 5 minutes
  • Best-in-class weightless closure mechanism requiring very little downward force to close the molding chamber – can easily be closed with just one hand
  • SmartCoolTM, an intelligent cooling system that ends the cooling step as soon as the specimen is safe to handle – optimizing process time and minimizing water usage
  • Tapered opening mitigates against spillages of mounting media by acting as a funnel
  • Optional Chamfered Lower Rams automatically bevel the specimen edge saving time when preparing for grinding and polishing processes
  • An intelligent status-bar monitors progress throughout the entire mounting process keeping the operator informed
  • Click-stops at the open and closed positions provide clear tactile feedback to the operator when initiating a mounting process
  • Completes a 1.25in [31.75mm] specimen in just 5 minutes
  • Optional chamfered lower ram automatically bevels the specimen edge, saving time when preparing for grinding & polishing.