OmniMet Capture Basic System

OmniMet is offered as a complete system (software and hardware) or software-only solution. Each version offers seamless point-and-click integration of microscopes, cameras, and image analysis software via an intuitive Microsoft Windows interface. In general any standard format image may be viewed directly from a calibrated microscope or be imported into OmniMet for analysis. OmniMet software is offered at different levels of flexibility, functionality, and analytical power to meet the metrology needs of every laboratory requiring image data archiving and quantitative image analysis.

  • Flexible platform with preconfigured software or hardware packages and optional accessories
  • Local Area Network (LAN) support offered by OmniMet Viewer Module
  • Systems include MicroSoft® Windows® and Office Software
  • All systems include operations manual, OmniMet mouse pad, Buehler SumMet guide