EcoMet 300

The EcoMet 300 family of Grinder-Polishers and AutoMet 250/300 family of Power Heads has been designed to meet the needs of the materials analyst requiring the versatility of manual or automated sample preparation.

The EcoMet Pro controls upgrade to a color touch-screen control panel for Z-axis material removal by depth, method creation/storage and automated dispenser programmability.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique bowl shape for easy access to 10in [254mm] or 12in [305mm]platens
  • Pro version integrates seamlessly with Burst Dispensing System
  • Bright, energy-efficient LED lighting and quick release lift lock chuck allows easy specimen holder changes
  • Multipurpose water nozzle provides critical cooling and lubrication during preparation and stowable hose enables quick cleanup
  • High torque continuous-duty motor provides constant platen speed and torque through a whisper quiet belt drive
  • Variable speed, reversible power head provides both single and central force operation with a head locking handle to secure the head, while the head location stop lever locates the specimen holder in the exact location each time
  • Platen cooling to help minimize platen heat build-up and reduce sample deformation in heavy-duty use
  • Membrane or touch screen controls
  • Manual use or upgrade with AutoMet® 250/300 Power Head for semi-automatic use
  • Durable construction, well lit, ergonomic platen removal
  • Retractable water hose for washdown
  • Pro version offers programmability, Z-axis removal and full integration with Burst Dispensing System
  • Membrane version compatible with Burst Dispensing System and Stadium Seating in manual and semi-automatic modes

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